1| What is an easy way for me to remember the two side of the Prop-10 vote?

2| What the most common misconception renters and tenant advocates have about landlords?

3| Share with us your most unpopular Star Wars opinion.


1. I rented a home with roommates and now I am moving out. The other tenants will remain. What is the process to properly move out?

2. What microphone are you using for your podcast?

3. How do you get sales agents to use the leads the Broker pays for?


Todays AMA questions:
1: What was your reaction to New York-based Compass Real Estates purchase of Pacific Union International here in San Francisco?

2: How might construction of a new ballpark for the A's impact on land and housing prices in Oakland?

3: When it comes to...

Todays AMA we cover the following

1) What is your opinion on virtual brokerages?
2) How will rising interest rates affect home sales?
3) How can I improve my real estate business and do more sales?


1: Can you talk about buying land/property by itself and why there is such a huge difference in the process for that and buying a home?
2: What is your take on the proposal to allow BART to develop homes on its own land?
3: When a property manager or realtor...

Going over a few common questions I get:

1) If a neighborhood 'appears' to be dangerous, is the landlord suppose to disclose criminal/drug rate information to the tenants if asked?

2) Can a landlord raise my rent in the middle of my lease?

3) Can a tenant be held responsible...

After the important legislative conference in Sacramento, I’ve decided to break down the various bills that are currently circulating through the California State Legislature. These will affect all property owners, landlord and tenants. For more information on any of these, please visit the...

For this episode, instead of the usual Highest and Best episode we release on Wednesday’s, I decided to do an #AskMarcAnything episode. As a property manager, many landlords will ask me how to properly prepare their rental to list on the market. It’s very similar to preparing your home to sell....

#AskMarcAnything | It takes a certain type of personality to successfully work with home buyers. Buyers these days demand attention and expect their agent to be resourceful. This is a good thing because it continues to push the real estate industry forward. But as an agent, it can be a bit...

#AskMarcAnything | Should people create personal websites for their business? Answer is always yes. You want to have an online presence in an online world, it’s that simple. Here are 5 tips for you to consider when building out your personal website to maximize traffic and reduce the overall...

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