247 | The Bay Area's Growing Jazz Scene

The smooth and relaxing rhythms most often associated with a cool New Orleans night form the basis of America’s Classical Music: Jazz. Over the years as America fell in love with rock n roll, hip hop, punk rock or K-Pop, the jazz scene has always held a place in our nation in the 100 plus years since its creation. What makes jazz so special is that as it has grown and spread, it has molded with the world around it, creating different genres and moods that perfectly match the wide diversity in America. Each new generation offers a chance to create its own spin on the genre, further growing it for the worlds enjoyment. Our guest today is one of those next generation jazz musicians, Nora Stanley. Not even 24 years old, Nora is the latest jazz phenom on the Bay Area scene.


Website: norastanley.com


1:27 Getting Started

2:35 Moving Back to The Bay

3:37 Bay Area Jazz

7:20 First Time Playing

10:36 SF Jazz Center

11:14 College

12:11 Jazz Music and Styles

16:02 Different Saxophones

18:47 Bay Area Jazz Venues

21:20 Composing Music

26:30 Very Jazz Musicians

28:13 Ultimate Goal

29:00 Wrap Up



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