3 Ways to Make Your Home Safer and Better For Your Pet

Pets are more than just animals, pets are members of the family. Because of this, they deserve to live in a safe and comfortable environment. An environment that has their needs – as well as their human’s needs as a priority. Pets aren’t decorative or disposable, they’re sentient beings that require time and affection.

Here are 3 great ways to make your home a safer and more enjoyable place for your furry friends.

Give Them the Room They Need
Pets like to have their own living areas just as we humans do. Make sure you set up a proper feeding area for them where they can eat in peace. This means separating it from the often noisy washer and dryer or from the smelly litter box.

Your pets should also have their own beds, even if they sleep on yours at night. Having their own beds is important for them to have their own personal space to lay down and relax. Consider placing it next to your couch in the TV room so they can nap comfortably, but still be close to you. However, note that once your dogs sleep with you for a while, they will not want to be in their own beds at night. So make sure that you give their nighttime sleeping situation – and your comfort some thought. If you have a cat, consider getting an enclosed cave-like bed as cats love to hide inside of things.

Keep Your Home Free of Dangerous Substances
Toxic materials can come in several shapes and sizes. Obvious toxins include the harsh chemicals found in cleaning supplies, pesticides, fertilizers, and rodenticides Yet, even the most benign things can be hazardous to your pets as a lot of substances that aren’t toxic to humans can be lethal to your furry family members. Dangerous household items and foods include grapes and raisins,  chocolate, coffee grounds, sugar-free foods and gum, onions, and nutmeg.  Common house plants, including lilies, azaleas, poinsettias, and aloe, are toxic too.

Keep Your Furry Friends Clean
This no-brainer is often times highly understated and is very important to keep both your pets and you happy and stress-free. Make sure you bathe and groom your pets regularly. If you have a long-haired pet, make sure you help it stay cool during the hot summer months by keeping its hair short and well groomed. Place considerable focus on their facial hair, preventing it from obstructing their vision and getting dirty when they eat. Dental hygiene is very important to your dog's health. Make sure to brush their teeth regularly, and have their vet give their mouths a quick check during checkups.

Take the time to brush their hair to prevent excess shedding and cleaning their paws when they’ve spent some time outdoors, especially if you took them on a walk and it recently rained. This not only helps them stay comfortable, it also helps keep your furniture and floors clean and looking like new. If you have a cat that likes to scratch your furniture, curtains or rug, consider trimming its nails.

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