5 Tips on Building Your Brand


Building your brand is one of the key components to creating a successful business. Whether you are looking to build your personal or company brand, knowing how to go about it the right way, and to create the image that you want necessary.

Create an Authentic Mission
What are the values, qualities, and experiences are you offering your customers? In order for your branding to seem authentic and be effective, you need to project a truthful image of what your business can provide. Prior to that, however, it’s important to articulate your company’s mission so that you’re clear on what sets you apart from your competition. Think about the following questions:

  • Why did you start this business?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • Why are they your target audience?
  • What goals do you want to achieve?
  • What makes your company different from others in your industry?

Create an Image for Yourself, and Your Company

Deciding on how you want to be seen is a key factor is successful branding. Your customers need to know that your product or service is the one they should turn to when faced with a dozen choices in the grocery aisle or a long list of names in the phone book. And in order to accomplish that, you need to ensure that your image is one that works in favor of reliability, trust and success. Taking your mission into account, decide exactly what type of attitude you want to project.

  • Perhaps you want your product to be seen as the ticket to an adventure or a brand new life or a second chance a youthful appearance and attitude. This approach is often taken by upscale food companies that sell products like goji berry juice or sprouted grain granola bars.
  • Another approach would be offering your customers a reliable, completely trustworthy option that will never let them down. This is a strong approach for most products and services, especially if you are selling a product that should never malfunction, like tires, or if you’re building a brand for a doctor or law practice.

Be Specific about the Language that You Use
Choose a catchphrase, slogan or keywords that you want to be associated with your brand. The words should be closely aligned with your mission statement, goals, target audience, and ought to be memorable enough for people to repeat to each other and recognize next time they read them. Use your brand language not only in the copy of your products and advertising but also when you discuss your business and make contacts in person.

  • Keep your text as streamlined as you can, this will allow it to be more memorable.
  • All copy associated with your brand, including what appears on your product’s label, on your website, and in advertising materials, should match the tone you’re trying to project.

Create an Online Presence
Today, having an online presence is not only important to connect with new clients, but in many cases, it is necessary in order to be taken seriously.  One of the most critical steps in creating an online presence for your brand is creating a website.

Think about making a website that functions well and is updated regularly as a sort of long-form resume. It is a great opportunity to demonstrate what your company has been up to and allows you to really showcase what you're about. As intimidating as creating a website might seem, you don't need to be a pro in order to make a great one. Get a Tumblr and redirect it to a unique URL or use free website templates from services like GoDaddy, Wordpress or Wix.

Think Long-Term
While you're business and it’s brand are obviously one of your top priorities, you need to be looking at your personal brand, and how that will impact your situation long term as well. Take a look at your personal brand as an investment: it has real potential to last longer than your actual business. While the projects that you are working on might get sold onwards or shut down, your personal brand will continue to grow and develop throughout these changes. Ideally, adding value to each new project you create. People will follow your brand from project to project if they feel connected to it. When launching new projects, your personal brand has the potential to guarantee you never have to start from scratch again. If you consider yourself to be in this particular game for the long-term, regardless of whether you own an online business, renovate homes, sell cars or create a good personal brand is an invaluable investment.


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