Affordable Housing: Section 8 Overview

What is Section 8?
Section 8 is a Housing Choice Voucher program that is designed to pay the balance of a rent payment that exceeds the 30% mark of a renters monthly income.

What are Some of the Conditions of Section 8?
In order to be approved, the rental unit in question must be inspected and approved by the local housing authority. The rental amount must be at or below the Fair Market Rent that is set by the HUD.

Who Administers the Program?
This program is administered by your local housing authority. Every housing authority has different preferences and requirements based on their service areas affordable housing needs. If you are wondering what your local housing authority requires you should contact your local housing authority. Your local housing authority will be able to provide you with specific details on how to qualify and apply for the Section 8 Housing Choice voucher program.

Do I Qualify for the Program?
If you are wondering if you qualify for the program you should contact your local housing authority to get all the details. However, the primary requirement is your income. Generally, if you earn less than fifty percent (50%) of the area median income for the area where you live, you are likely to qualify. It is important to note that  by law, the program is required to target 75% of assistance to families who earn thirty (30%) or less of the area median income. Other requirements include owned assets and citizenship.

If I Move, Can I Take My Housing Assistance to My New City?
Housing choice vouchers are portable. This means that you are able to take them with you no matter where you go in the country.

Does Using Section 8 Impact the Kinds of Housing That are Available to Me?
Using the Section 8 program does limit your housing options. These limitations, however, are primarily based on the rent and condition of the property as opposed to its style. The rent for the property must be within certain limits and it must meet a physical inspection that requires the home to have certain quality standards.



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