Common Tenant Maintenance Items

One of the biggest positives to moving into a rental unit is that you are not responsible for the property maintenance. If an appliance breaks, your landlord is the one that has to pay for a replacement, not you. This can be a huge relief when faced with a maintenance situation that can become quite costly. However, if these issues are not reported quickly, you risk possibly being held responsible for for the damages – so it is absolutely imperative that you contact your landlord as soon as issues like these arise.

Here are some of the most common maintenance issues that tenants run into:

Sink Backed Up
If you sink is not draining properly odds are that there is a build up of limescale or food waste. This an be caused by dishes and waste not being cleared prior to being washed. While this can be an easy fix, often using a liquid drain cleaner will do the trick, it is important that you contact your landlord. If you do not let them know and it does not clear your landlord might question what you did to try and resolve the problem.

Broken Appliance
If your oven or any major appliance stops working, it is absolutely necessary that you contact your landlord. A broken appliance can be quite costly for your landlord and is also something that you as a tenant should not have to live with for an extended period of time. By letting your landlord know as soon as possible you are saving yourself time with a broken appliance and providing them the courtesy of knowing that they have an expensive replacement or repair to deal with in the very new future.

Drafty Windows
Depending on the age the house, the windows and doors might become drafty and lack energy efficiency. If you begin to feel that your house is cold and drafty, let your landlord know. Not only can this be concerning for your comfort, but fixing the problem will also end up saving them money in the long run.


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