Ep 015 | Rob Lightner, Co-Founder of East Brother Beer Co.

California is currently home to over 900 breweries leading the way in the American craft beer movement. These breweries add roughly $7.5 Billion to the state’s economy. In this episode we interview a local brewery that calls Richmond, CA their home. Rob Lightner of East Brother Beer Company joins us to discuss the craft beer movement, why Richmond is the perfect home for East Brother and we sample their lineup of beer: Red Lager, Bo Pils, Red IPA and Oatmeal Stout. Guest: http://bit.ly/2x2SgWz Instagram: http://bit.ly/2x3g3Wr

Enjoy their Tap Room with a local food truck guest: http://bit.ly/2x2SYTJ



  • Has known business partner Chris Coomer for many years
  • Started with Chris home brewing
  • Started brewing in 2013, opened in December 2016


  • 500 names considered
  • Named after the East Brother Lighthouse- fit brand


  • Most are in Berkeley, San Francisco or Oakland
  • Went off the beaten path- Richmond
  • Get involved with community/ beer brings people together


  • Best to go light to dark
  • Adding a 6th soon, goal to be at 8-10 soon, purchasing more tanks
  • Classic styles
  • Red Vienna Lager- similar to Negro Modello
  • Bo Pils aka Bohemian Pilsner- Lemon/ grassy taste
  • Logo- Old fashion, baseball feel

Bay Area Craft Beer Boom

  • 100+ now, over a thousand before prohibition
  • Sierra Nevada and Lagunitas start new beer boom
  • Demographics- woman and millennials love beer

Beer again

  • Red IPA- inspired from Deschutes
  • Oatmeal Stout- color from malts, uses oats for flavor

Address and Location: 1001 Canal Blvd, Richmond, CA


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