Real Realtors 004 | Eddie Santos and Italina Kirknis

Eddie Santos has been in the real estate business for 23 years and currently works at Genesis Real Estate. He originally was working as a creative operator for microfiche, but wanted to take a different path and eventually made his way into real estate. Italina Kirknis, who makes her return to The Marc Guzman Podcast Experience, is an online presence expert skilled in the art of social media marketing for realtors. Today, we talked about different ways to generate leads, working with different agents and buyers, shed some light on a few real estate myths, and take a look at the current Bay Area real estate market.




  • Eddie Santos
  • Italina Kirknis

Lead Generating

  • Different websites
  • Databases
  • Staying within your network

Working with Buyers

Buyer/Broker agreements

Client stories

  • Make clients happy
  • Coordinating multiple deals

Listing agents you avoid

  • Change their image
  • Communication issues

Online Marketing and Lead Generation

  • Having your own website
  • Customization

Social Network Advertising

  • Paid vs. Free
  • Boosting posts/ engagement

Real Estate Myths

  • Commission- usually under 6% (2-5% on average)
  • Expenses covered
  • Virtual training
  • All agents are the same (don’t be an average agent)

Current trends in the Bay Area Market

  • Home prices rising, number of homes dropping
  • Quality vs. location
  • Marketing in the Bay Area
  • Considering different areas


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