Ep 016 | Melodie Mills of Mills Media Inc.

(Scroll down for Video) With an extensive background in the media management industry, Melodie Mills specializes in introducing small businesses into the wide world of digital marketing. Based out of Canada, Melodie started her own digital marketing firm back in 2015, turning what was once a side gig into a full on career. This is not an episode you’ll want to miss as we dive deep into properly using social media to expand your business.

Guest: http://bit.ly/2hvNVoU  Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MillsMediaInc/

Wine (Canada): http://bit.ly/2hugPFT

Wine (Napa): http://bit.ly/2hsQY0Z


2015 was a rough year, wanted to make a change
passion for social meida
worked out of public library until a client took a chance
small business, use mainly freelancers

Early hurdles

Working alone
Not having a computer

1st clients

Lots of “no’s” until first client
All digital- LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter
Started during recession in Alberta, oil and gas companies
Shifting towards real estate

Outsource vs. In House

Freelancing vs. Big Companies hiring their own help
No international clients yet, could go international

Customer Relationships

Get to know them/ video chats/ discovery sessions
Need a website and Facebook page
Focus on authentic content that caters to the client/ target market


Avoiding micro-management


Mainly women
How to best utilize

What not to do

Focusing on followers
Staying professional
What to avoid


Trial and error
What to stick to


Importance of Video/ Facebook live


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