Ep 036 | Chasing Your Dreams Through Drawing

We all grow up having hopes and dreams for what we want to accomplish in our life. Over time, we develop the talent and skills to make our dreams a reality. My guest today began drawing at a young age, and seeks to use her ability and her experiences to give back to the world and make it a little better for everyone.  So join me in welcoming to the podcast, Libby Lee, known also by her online username, @Flavordays.

Tumblr Page: http://bit.ly/2DFsZWI                          Patreon: http://bit.ly/2DCH7zH

Getting Started

Grew up in San Fernando Valley
Moved to Bay Area (Santa Clara) for school 4 years ago
Like the quiet, worked a night at Levis Stadium

Being a Millennial in the Bay Area

Very hard, working 70 hours a week to pay rent
Had several jobs at one point
Most friends still living with parents
Differences moving up here, rent cheaper here than in LA Area
Hard to leave the Bay Area

Becoming an Artist

Mother worked at Hanna-Barbera doing color styles
Had access to a lot of media, inspired by Japanese anime
Self-taught, learned off the internet
com, online art instructors
Bobby Chu big inspiration

Art as a Meditative State

Spurts of inspiration at times when younger
Drawing too much at times, hurt arm
Learn to get up and take breaks, rest

Digital Drawing

Started digital drawing at age 16, more freedom
Traditional art, you have the tools you have
Digital art gives you much more to work with
Taking up other mediums of art, experimentation

Japanese/ Anime Art

Became interested around 9 years old, was staying up late, watching TV
Came across anime shows late at night, was transfixed

Talk About the Art

Style- changes over time
Playing with colors
Love drawing people/ characters
Nature and environments


Use Tumblr and Twitter primarily
Other mediums
Get contacted over social media to buy art

Learning How to Draw

Draw from life- observe your surroundings and draw it

Messages in Art

Try to touch on topics with personal impact
Planning a children book about losing a parent
Positive content
Noticing emotions and trends in people
Body language vs. facial expressions
“Draw the eyes”

Logan Paul Thread

Wrote a Twitter thread that went viral
Aokigahara Forest
Hit close to home, lost both parents, one to suicide
Society hiding death from people, Death Awareness
Video impact, fallout
Laughter in the face of death, seeing a dead body
Forest is not the same as a monument to victims of other tragedies
Everyone knows what is in that forest, he still brought a camera
Youtube response/ public response- More info (http://bit.ly/2DCtaC9)
Majority of Logan Paul’s audience are children, first encounter with death
Internet impact on society and kids
Youtube’s responsibility/ Youtube Kids app
Parents paying closer attention to what kids do on the internet

Flavordays- A nostalgic feel

Wrap up/ Contact Into

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