Ep 043 | Improving Your Life Through a Vegan Diet

There is no one right way to get your body healthy. On this podcast, we have had multiple guests come on and share how they found their way to healthy living. Today on the podcast, we have Cat from CatFitness on to talk about how going vegan changed his life for the better. We also get talk about his fitness boot camps at CatFitness and discuss new ways to get in shape.

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Getting Started

Interest in Fitness
Cat Fitness location

Growing Up

Born and raised in the Bay Area
Pinole Valley High School
Growing diversity in the Bay Area

Opening the Gym

4 years ago, was working corporate, in bad health
Napa Earthquake, feared was having a heart attack
Life changing, reality check
Doctors couldn’t diagnose issue

Enjoying Life

Not everyone is happy about their job
Hated corporate life
Began to lose weight
Stress at work impact
Wanted to do something different
Enjoyed sports, fitness and training

Finding the Time

Losing glasses, needed to take time off work until new pair arrived, 2-3 weeks
Transform garage into a gym
Saw potential in gym
Share health with the community
Listening to your body
Chasing passions


Quality of food
Processed foods and meats

Going Vegan

Two years this April
Researching Veganism
Wife didn’t join in at first, eventually did
Family reaction
Growth of Veganism

Vegan vs Vegetarian

Vegans don’t eat anything from a living organism
Vegetarians will eat dairy, eggs, honey etc.


Confusing at first, meat everywhere
Junk food vegans
Carbs: Complex vs. basic


Not a nutritionist, do offer advice
Giving plant-based advice
Had meat and plant-based meal plans, now offer only plant

Training Facility

HIT Training: High Intensity Interval Training

Vegan Diet

Average daily meals
Lots of water
12-14 hours fasts
Lunch is the largest meal
Light dinner

Wrap up/ Contact Info



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