Ep 044 | Coming Together Over Beer

Beer has a way of bringing people together. Whether you are enjoying it with friends at home or making new ones at the bar, nothing brings us together like a cold one. For our guests today, Alex and Gregory Zobel, beers ability to bring us together has far more meaning. Together, this brother and sister team came together to start Armistice Brewing Company in Richmond. Their story is one of love, family, and the strengths of a sibling bond.

Website: armisticebrewing.com        Social: @ArmisticeBeer

Getting Started

Been in business for 6 months
Middle of Richmond Craft Beer Renaissance


First beers, beer connection
First brewing experience
Mom was sick, came together over beer
Brewing in a studio in Downtown LA


Marina Bay
Next to the SF Bay Trail
Only brewery in area that’s open late


Beer ended sibling rivalry
Create a community space


Never brew the same beer twice
Changing list
Hoppy beers most popular
Modern Craft IPA
Brewed 40 beers last year
Up to 52 now
2 new beers every week
Not excited by flagship beers
Not distributing

Top Beers

IPA’s get great feedback
Unique beers
Young and Roily IPA
Young beer
Fresh IPA, hazy
Shipping can impact beers taste

SF Beer Week

Get more exposure
Viking Valentine event


42-person capacity
Events held

More SF Beer Week

Celebration of Bay Area Brewing Culture
Lots of breweries in the Bay Area
Rare time to get Pliny the Younger


Drink local
Working with Admiral Maltings
Long meetings to discuss recipes
Usually, agree on what to do
Getting hops/ Ingredients

Flavored Beers

Manipulating basic ingredients
Pina Colada Double-IPA

Milkshake IPA

Mosaic 100%
Lots of berry flavor


6 employees, only ones that brew the beer
Beer Garden
Upstairs-Downstairs layout

Moving Forward

Want multiple taprooms
Production Facility to keep up with demand
Stay in the Bay Area, eventually expand to LA

Moving From LA

Mom was sick, needed to come home
Kept brewing
Threw parties to share beer

Hiney the Bounger

Play off of Pliny the Younger
Bourbon Barrel Age
Crass names
2% ABV

Learning How to Brew

Alex doctorate in English does most of the reading
Gregory more of a doer
Already won a medal for beer brewing


Noon-10pm Weekdays
Noon-Midnight Friday and Saturday

Wrap up/ Contact Information



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