Ep 046 | Takin' Bacon to the Next Level

Everybody loves bacon. From the smell, the taste to the sound of it cooking, bacon is almost impossible to resist. Our guest today is Camilo Velasquez, who, along with his wife Elisa, turned their love for bacon into The Baconer: A bacon only business dedicated to providing the best bacon. Today we talk with Camilo about how he found himself in the world of bacon, as well as all the various ways you can make bacon taste even better. Caution, this episode might make you hungry.

Website: thebaconer.com                  Social: @the.baconer

Beer- Campfire Stout: http://bit.ly/2I5v6Bz


:40 Getting Started

Located in Uptown Oakland
Different forms of bacon
Tasting Maple Bacon wrapped in cheese stuffed dates with Campfire Stout

5:44 The Baconer

Starting The Baconer
Bacon process
Finding a better way to cook bacon

9:30 Pig Farms

Pasture Farms
Vegetarian fed pigs
Different breeds of pig
Pork belly differences

12:52 Bacon Pairs

Wine and bacon
Other ways to use bacon
Bacon sauces

15:19 Bacon Smell

Goes back to primal senses
Mix of meat, juices and smoke

15:46 Bacon Flavors

Flavors in both cuts
New flavors

17:24 Farmers Markets

Friday and Saturday
Grand Lake, Larkspur, Kensington and Montclair Farmers Markets
Working to get into grocery stores
Started in October 2017

19:30 Early Challenges

Working with small farms
Supply chains
Supporting good/ human farms
Heritage Foods
Finding kitchen space in the Bay Area

23:25 Bacon of the Month Club

3 month subscription
Package of strips and lardons
Recipes and instructions
$120 to join
Expanding soon
Send out two 12-oz packages per month

25:21 Recipes

Top flavors
Top recipes
Leftover grease
Jalapeno bacon flavor

28:15 Shipping

Shipped frozen
Can freeze and refreeze bacon as much as you want

30:32 Beer and Bacon

Favorite beers
Racer 5 with Paprika Bacon
Pliny the Younger works with all bacons
Planning to make a Hopped Bacon

33:25 Flavors

Coming up with different flavors
Testing new recipes

35:05 Local Business Support

Important for small businesses to support and collaborate with each other
Getting into restaurants and grocery stores

40:10 Favorite Recipes

Favorite ways to cook and use bacon
Sous Vide style cooking
Bacon wrapping

47:45 Contact information/ Wrap up


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