EP 102 | Building The Future of California

Welcome back to The Marc Guzman Podcast Experience. We have a hunch of new episodes lined up over the next few weeks, starting with our guest today, Joel Traveller. This is a special episode because Joel is in the process of launching his own podcast and video series, Chain of Command, which The Marc Guzman Podcast Experience is helping to produce. Joel is the COO of Sun Mountain LLC. They work to cover Northern California when it comes to connecting development projects to various utility companies, such as PG&E. On this episode, we discuss the various housing developments in the Bay Area, as well as the big tranpostation projects that will impact the Bay Area and the Central Valley.

Sun Mountain LLC: sunmountain.us

Getting Started

4:02 Favorite Beers

6:38 Living in the Bay Area

8:03 Sun Mountain LLC

Focus on energy and infrastructure

14:22 High Speed Rail

22:45 Cal Water Fix

California Water Table

30:20 Local Projects

32:17 Hercules Projects

44:01 Vallejo and Benicia Projects

48:45 Oakland/ Alameda Projects

51:52 Treasure Island Projects

53:50 East Bay/ Livermore Projects

1:07:07 What has Your Attention Right Now?

Wrap Up


Vidcast Version:


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