Ep 104 | Lights, Camera, Albany!

Every year, the Albany Film Festival brings together filmmakers from around the Bay Area to share their own works of film. For 8 years now, the Albany Film Festival has showcased the best of what amateur film makers have to offer. After starting off with one film in a theater with free popcorn, the festival has grown into a week long affair with a diverse collection of movies. Today we welcome Naomi Sigal, the coordinator for the festival, as well as Jack Kenny and Ellen Toomey, to talk about how the festival has grown and impacts the community. And to be clear, this is Albany, California, not Albany, New York.

0:00 Opening


3:34 Getting Started

How the Festival started

5:42 First Years of the Festival

7:41 This Years Festival

10:34 Favorite Audience Films this Year

12:20 Short Films

13:55 Selection Process

21:15 Submitting Films

23:50 Favorite Parts of the Festival

28:29 Private Albany

30:50 Local vs. Non-Local Participants

32:13 Female Filmmakers/ Stories

37:21 Living on Earth

38:03 “Best…” Awards

39:25 Outdoor Voices

40:33 Child Filmmakers

43:12 Favorite Movies Now

44:56 Who Needs a Movie Made About Them Now?

48:49 Albany Turkeys

51:12 Favorite Spots in Albany

54:57 Wrap up


Vidcast Version:


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