Ep 105 | The Happiest Place on Eartha

“Step right up folks, the fun is about to begin!” One upon a time, those are the words that carnival barkers would yell to drum up excitement for the arrival of the circus or carnival. Today though, as those old styles of entertainment fade away, their brilliant and colorful history has come to be immortalized in El Cerritos “Playland Not At The Beach.” A museum unlike any other, it offers attendees an expansive set of retro and throwback arcade and carnival attractions. Today, our guest is Frank Biafore, the Fabulous Frank, who runs and operates Playland Not At The Beach, The Happiest Place on Earth, to talk to us about his own slice of joy and wonderment located right here in the East Bay.

Website: playland-not-at-the-beach.org      Phone: 510-232-4264 Ex. 16 for Frank, Ex. 24 for Tim

Relay For Life: https://bit.ly/2HaL6Vb

Getting Started

East Brother Beer Gold IPA in Point Richmond

2:23 Playland role

2:52 Magician Backstory

6:48 Favorite magicians

10:47 Playland Established

13:23 Arcade Games and Equipment

18:01: Hours

18:29 Location

19:10 Teaching Magic Lessons

22:19 Card Trick

25:19 Trouble for magicians today

29:46 Playland Mummies

33:00 Claw Machine

35:17 Future of Playland

42:59 Richard Tuck

48:53 Personal impact

51:13 Relay for Life

57:00 Contact Info/ Wrap Up



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