EP 106 Highest and Best |Rachael Hand and Kerri Naslund-Monday

The Bay Area Real Estate Market is always changing in some way or another. The latest change could come in the form of rent control. The future of Costa Hawkins could rest in voters hands this November. If it is repealed, it could have major implications here in the Bay Area. Our guests today are Rachael Hand of Golden Gate Sothebys and Kerri Naslund- Monday of Keller Williams to talk about how Costa Hawkins could impact the housing situation in the Bay Area. We also focus on single home buyers and look back on some of the people who helped shaped our guests careers.

Rachael: http://handrealestate.com/
Kerri: http://theeastbayagent.com/

Getting Strated

1:04 Opening

1:30 What’s New

Rachael is President-Elect of the Contra Costa Association of Realtors
Kerri is growing her team
Experimenting with online bidding for rentals

4:34 Costa Hawkins Battle

Opinions on Costa Hawkins
Impact its repeal could have on California housing

12:54 Developer blames


14:31 How a Costa Hawkins repeal could impact property owners

16:39 Forcing tenants out of properties/ The Ellis Act

20:40 Single Family Homebuyers and the housing crisis

30:51 Mentors you’ve had in your career

42:12 Wrap Up



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