Ep 107 | Punk Rock Hits the Silver Screen

Growing up in the Bay Area, you learn a lot about the many ways the history of the Bay Area has impacted the rest of the world. In fact, many social movements that changed our country originated right here by The Bay. Social culture is not the only thing the Bay Area has provided the world. The Bay Area, especially the East Bay, saw the rise of a musical revolution that began in the 1970’s: The introduction of Punk Rock. Today on the podcast, we have East Bay natives Corbett Redford and Anthony Marchitiello, whom wrote, produced and directed the documentary Turn It Around: The Story of East Bay Punk, which captures 30 years of punk rock history. One the headlining films in the Albany Film Festival, we discuss their documentary, as well as their time growing up in the East Bay and the influence it had on them.


Getting Started

3:14 Wine: 19 Crimes, from Australia

9:09 Albany Film Festival

12:52 Turn It Around

Appreciate Green Day

14:48 Punk Rock Origins

21:32 Production

28:47 Editing Process

36:16 Interviews

43:13 Experience Interviewing Artists and What Was Learned

49:28 Favorite Punk Bands

54:01 Bands to Check Out Today

55:57 Favorite Movies and Filmmakers

1:01:50 Last Jedi and Star Wars

1:04:29 Who Needs a Movie Made About them?

1:06:26 What’s Next?

1:07:58 Wrap up



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