EP 108 | The Pride of the University of California

For 127 years, the University of California Marching Band has been the pride of UC Berkeley. On Saturday afternoons in the fall, The Cal Band outs on some of its best shows before Cal home football games. The Cal Band has played all over the world and in some of the most iconic venues. Since 1995, the band has been directed by Robert Calonico, who himself graduated from Cal in 1976. A former member of the band himself, Robert announced earlier this year that he will be retiring this summer after a long, successful career.

Beer: eastbrotherbeer.com

Getting Started

East Brother Beer: Gold IPA

3:03 Retirement

3:34 Cal Family History

5:02 Returning to Cal

Time in the band

7:09 Student Run Band

8:04 Early Music Involvement

11:35 Why Retire Now

12:14 Playing Alongside Wayne Newton, Ray Charles and James Brown

14:13 Getting into the Band

18:22 Beating USC in ‘75

20:01 Super Bowl 50

26:03 Band Traditions

29:34 Student Run Band vs. Director

34:48 Rivalries and Gameday

38:40 The Band and Berkeley

41:40 Looking Back

47:19 The Stanford Band

48:38 Wrap Up



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