EP 110 | The Man Who Remade Richmond

Since I started this podcast last August, I have had many guests from the City of Richmond. Each guest has had the same thing to say about the city: That it is becoming a better place to live and is a city on the rise. Today, we have on the man who is responsible for that: Richmond City Manager Bill Lindsay. Last month, Bill announced his retirement, leaving behind a city that was posting all-time lows in crime and unemployment. After 13 years, Bill has left Richmond as a city that truly lives up to its motto: A City of Pride and Purpose.


East Brother Beer
Guest Bartender

4:49 Richmond Beer Boom

5:56 Retirement

7:58 City Manager Role

11:07 Background/ Time as City Manager of Orinda

13:07 Transition from Orinda to Richmond

14:18 Early challenges in Richmond

16:26 Recession impact on Richmond

21:04 Goals as City Manager

22:53 Phil Bachelor

25:02 Richmond’s future

25:43 Crime rates dropping

27:36: City Government Culture

29:26 New things going on in Richmond

New Developments

35:15 Ferry service coming to Richmond

36:46 North Richmond annex

38:32 Rent Control in Richmond

42:59 Challenges in getting things done

45:01 Reflection

49:56 Citizens getting involved in local politics

52:26 Future jobs in Government?

53:56 Favorite restaurant in Richmond

56:36 Wrap up



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