EP 111 | A Slice of Montreal

When one thinks of smoked meats, you can’t fault them for thinking of meats from Texas or other parts of the south here in America in terms of where the best meats come from. What you may not know however, is that there is a great source of smoked meats just north of the border in Canada. Earlier this year, Lex Gopnik-Lewinski brought that taste of Canada to the East Bay, opening up Augies Montreal Style Deli in Berkeley. As our guest today, he’ll tell us the story of how he brought this smoked taste of Canada to the Bay Area.

Website: augiesmontrealdeli.com     Address: 875 Potter St. Berkeley CA


4:32 Hockey Talk

7:40 Before Augies was opened

8:28 Augies Montreal Style Deli

9:14 Make-up of the Augies Sandwich

12:14 Bringing the meat to the US/Run in with Customs

13:19 Meat Curing Process

17:35 Opening Augies (Opened in February)

20:36 Investors

26:11 Recipes/ the Meat Business/ other ways to use Augies meat

28:14 Shipping Augies Meat

29:28 The Atmosphere at Augies

31:16 Challenges of opening a deli

34:43 Goals for Augies moving forward

36:54 Customer Service

40:28 Keeping employees happy

46:26 Empowering employees and customers

49:53 Marketing

54:14 Wrap up



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