Ep 114 | A Snapshot of the World

When she isn’t taking photos of a wedding, you can find Simone Anne somewhere in the world, taking pictures on her camera or iPhone, showcasing the beauty and color the world has to offer. As a travelling professional photographer, Simone has been to some of the most unique and colorful places on Earth: Asia, Europe, the Americas and Africa. Each destination is captured through her own lens. Today, we catch her between travels and here her story of how she turned her love of photography into a career that spans the globe.

All the photos used in this episode are property of Simone Anne and may not be disseminated without her consent

Website: simoneannephoto.com, Weddings: simoneanne.com, Instagram: @simone_anne

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Some cheap travel resources: 

https://www.theflightdeal.com/ https://www.pomelotravel.com/ https://thepointsguy.com/


Last travelled to India

4:23 Belize

Swimming with sharks

5:11 Next Destination

7:32 Food in India and other countries

9:56 John Muir Trail experience

Dealing with the lightning

13:14 Prepping physically for the John Muir Trail

15:30 Food for the trial

16:38 Photos taken on the trail

17:20 Getting into photography

19:14 Wedding Photography

23:18 Photography Style

26:51 Using social media to promote work

28:38 Cameras used

30:31 Different wedding styles

34:08 Crazy Wedding stories

34:57 Country with the best food

35:09 Travelling to Cuba

39:07 Favorite country to travel to

42:35 Travel Tips

47:13 Best places to travel to in the Bay Area

49:56 Best tourist spots in the Bay Area and California

52:22 Best food spots in the Bay Area

53:51 Best places to take photos

54:19 Wrap up



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