Ep 120 | Listening, Leading and Educating

There are many ways one can be a leader, but not every way is an effective method of leading. There are many aspects as to what makes a good leader, and one of those traits is listening. Our guest today is Shane Safir, who wrote the book “The Listening Leader: Creating the Conditions for Equitable School Transformation.” Her book focuses on primarily on education and the educational system, but her takes on leading and listening can still be applied to many different fields. Today, we talk with Shane about the importance of listening as well as the effect that it can have on those around you, and the educational system.

Buy the book: https://amzn.to/2IOaLk9

Getting Started

What has your attention right now?
Prior work in legal field

6:04 Teaching Roles

7:33 Mock Trial

11:08 June Jordan School for Equity

16:32 Teaching styles at JJSE

Graduation presentations

23:49 Student coding

28:01 Service learning for students

28:36 Listening Leader

31:17 Different leaders

33:17 Importance of Listening

38:23 June Jordan School of Equity today

40:53 Future of education

43:38 Political involvement in schools

46:38 Parental involvement/ engagement

50:46 School Choice

57:14 Wrap up/ book info/ reflection



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