Ep 135 | A Life of Laughs, Chris Riggins

Everybody loves a good laugh. Our guest today, Chris Riggins, who comes straight out of Emeryville, is a perfect choice to deliver you some laughs. For over 10 years now, Chris has toured using a style of dry observation and social commentary, mixed with a dash of irreverent shock humor. Today on the podcast, we talk to him about his origins, his style and what life for a comedian really is like.

Twitter: @ChrisRigginsHaa

Facebook: https://bit.ly/2L4QpYr

1:13 Getting started, Talking about podcasts

6:36 Rich people moving to the Bay Area

8:18 What has your attention right now

9:46 Bay Area vs. LA comics

16:06 Internets impact on music and comedy

21:25 Getting into comedy

24:56 Opening for Dave Chapelle

28:17 Comedic style

34:35 Full-time stand up

35:51 Bombing on stage

42:08 Favorite performance spot

51:30 Comics on your radar now

54:47 Funniest restroom experience

59:28 Buying weed on camera

60:21 Upcoming shows/ wrap up



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