Ep 137 | Ryse Up For Richmond

I started this podcast to showcase the various communities I work in and what makes those communities unique. I manage many properties in Richmond, and it is no secret that Richmond’s past has cast the city in a negative light. I’ve had several guests come on in the past, Melinda McCrary and Bill Lindsay, whom have played a role in making Richmond a better place to live over the past decade. Today, our guests are Cici Gordon and Stephanie Medley from the Ryse Center. Located on Macdonald Ave and 41st St, the Ryse Center provides the local youth a safe location to learn about the community and the world around them, giving them the tools to shape their own future. For the last 10 years, Ryse has steadily made Richmond a much better place to raise a family. Ryse is a program that everyone in Bay Area should know about, and today we talk about just some of the many great things the Ryse Center does.

Website: rysecenter.org

 2:15 Getting Started

9:36 Art and Media Department

10:32 Membership/ mission

12:18 Programs

16:20 Dealing with school shootings

17:46 Most satisfactory thing about Ryse

20:20 Youth in Richmond

26:29 Ryse Commons/ Fighting displacement in Richmond

32:12 Funding

34:12 Justice and Education Department

38:25 Art Department

45:56 Collaboration/ Resources

49:20 Wrap up



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