Ep 144 | The Bay From Above

Ever wonder what the world looks like from above? Usually you need to be looking out a small airplane window to get that kind of view. Photographer Stephen Loewinsohn can provide that view for you right from his Instagram page. Aptly titled “People Look Like Ants” Stephen uses his drone to capture the Bay Area from above, providing one of the more unique perspectives out there. Today we talk about what inspired him to take to the skies and what he has discovered about the Bay Area from 400 feet up.

Instagram: @peoplelooklikeants                   

Website: stephenloewinsohn.com, thelistingpost.com

1:22 Getting Stated

1:52 Growing up in Oakland

3:21 What has your attention right now?

Oakland Sideshows

7:32 Getting into photography

10:07 Drone Photography

14:45 Memorable sights

16:07 Best aerial view in the Bay Area

17:28 Time-lapse photography

18:48 Finding the right hashtag

20:26 Best part of  being a photographer

23:33 Technology failures

27:20 Looking ahead

31:01 Travel photography

31:36 Oakland events

32:41 Wrap up/ Contact info



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