EP 146 | From Stage to Screen: The Story of Greasemonkey

Film is one of the best ways to tell a story. For Miranda Jonte, her upcoming film Greasemonkey tells a story that is not just personal to her, but relatable to many others. She stars as Mara, a woman thrust into the male dominated world of auto mechanics. This podcast is all about sharing the stories of people here in the Bay Area. Today, we talk to Miranda about how Greasemonkey captures not just her story, but the story of women everywhere.

Special thanks to East Brother Beer for sponsoring todays episode.

1:10 Getting Started

5:17 The Beer- East Brother Beer Red Lager (https://bit.ly/2MsBQPV)

6:46 What has your attention right now

10:21 Growing up in Pinole

16:32 Dog loving

Judah the Shop Dog

21:17 Greasemonkey

29:19 From play to film

28:44 Scriptwriting

42:44 Biggest challenges

44:49 Filmmakers inspired by

46:38 The message

48:14 Looking ahead

51:03 Wrap up



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