Ep 149 | Preserving The History of Pinole, CA

Last month, we had Jeff Rubin, President of the Pinole Historical Society, on the podcast to talk about the history of Pinole. For a small town, Pinole has an incredibly long and rich history. Last time, we talked about the Pinole Historical Society and a few of the notable families in Pinole’s history. Today, we discuss the modern history of Pinole and the work being done to establish the Pinole History Museum.

Website: http://www.pinolehistoricalsociety.org/

Wine: https://www.chocolateshopwine.com/

1:42 Opening

3:15 Getting Started

8:42 Chocolate Wine

10:48 Pinole History Museum

12:52 Early Pinole history and the Martinez Adobe

18:07 Ygnacio Martinez

20:55 Pinole name origin

24:12 Pinole History Museum

36:22 Museum ideas

45:52 Fundraising and construction

49:33 Dale Sveum and Pinole athletes

55:18 Wrap up/ Donation information



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