Ep 209 | The Best of East Bay Sports

The Bay Area is a unique sports market with 6 different professional sports teams for fans to follow and root for. While much can be made about the Giants and 49ers in San Francisco, the City of Oakland has played a major role in crafting its own contributions to the history of Bay Area Sports. That is all set to change soon, with the impending moves of the Oakland Raiders and Golden State Warriors to Las Vegas and San Francisco respectively, on top of the ongoing saga of the Oakland A’s Stadium Hunt. These moves are striking at the heart of Oakland sports fans, who are some of the most loyal and passionate fans out there. Today our guest is Chris De Benedetti, sports columnist for the East Bay Express, to talk about the impact the East Bays 3 teams have had on fans and the community, and why these moves have the impact that they do on fans.

2:08 Getting Started

3:23 Background

7:29 The Golden State Warriors

12:26 Sustaining Their Success into Chase Center

19:57 KD Free Agency

23:07 The Oakland A’s

27:01 A’s Stadium Search

30:26 Howard Terminal Cleanup

35:58 Oakland Raiders Stadium saga

44:50 Raiders Move to Las Vegas

52:52 Memorable Moments in East Bay Sports History

55:14 East Bay Athletes Mt. Rushmore

58:43 Wrap up

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