EP 227: A Stroll Down Penny Lane

It’s been 55 years since America was introduced to The Beatles, changing music forever. The musical writings of John Lennon and Paul McCartney had multiple generations of Americans hooked on the British Invasion. In the years since The Beatles, their music has lived on through hundreds of different tribute bands and songs. One of those bands is lead by Joe Anastasi, our guest today. Joe’s band is not your typical Beatles tribute band though. His show, Stroll Down Penny Lane, focuses on the songwriting brilliance of Paul McCartney with a masterful blend of music and visuals guaranteed to leave you fully entertained.

Show Information Link: http://strolldownpennylane.com/ 

1:20 Getting Started
5:11 The Beatles in schools
8:45 Beatles in the U.S.
12:58 Music covered- Paul McCartney
14:57 Stroll Down Penny Lane Message
17:25 Impact on the Audience
24:21 Progression of Lyrics
26:34 Role in the show
29:40 Warp up/ Upcoming Show Dates


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