Ep 230 | Bringing Back the San Francisco Sound

Music City Website: https://musiccitysf.org/

More on Rudy: https://musiccityhitfactory.org/rudyc...

San Francisco has a way of impacting all your senses: the beautiful sights of the city, the smell of the ocean air at Pier 39, the warm taste of sourdough bread, and the feel of the cold fog nipping your nose on the coast. But nothing captures the Soul of San Francisco quite like the sounds it has produced over the years. Ever since the Summer of Love and the birth of the San Francisco Sound, the City has boomed with a vibrant musical culture that rivals anywhere else in the world. Our guest today, Rudy Colombini, is the creator of the Music City Hit Factory on Bush St. Rudys dream is for Music City Hit Factory to “honor and reignite the rich musical history of San Francisco and foster the burgeoning renaissance in musical talent while offering a space to unite, educate, mentor and entertain musicians of today and tomorrow.”

1:51 What has your attention

3:48 Development to Music

9:16 Early writings, First Song

11:38 The Perfect Gift

13:44 Opening Performances

15:46 Music City Hit Factory Location- Bush and Polk St.

19:18 Getting The Hit Factory Built

26:03 History of Music in San Francisco

29:02 Block Party

31:21 Upcoming Shows

31:59 Wrap Up/ Information


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