Ep 231 | Figuring Out America's Political Sh!t Show

Laughter is the best medicine, and in today's world of political angst, that statement has rarely been more true. From newspaper cartoons to late-night comedians, politics and humor have been hand-in-hand with each other since the dawn of our nation. Our guest today, Charlie Varron, is a part of that. An on-stage performer who found his theatrical home in the Bay Area, Charlie stars in a production called The Great American Shit Show, which uses monologues chock-full of humor that examine America in its current political climate, while providing you with the laughter you need to distract yourself from the nuttiness in Washington, at least for a few hours.

Website: charlievaron.com

1:24 Getting Started

4:46 Background and getting into theater

9:47 Political Theater

17:09 Message to the audience

19:59 Taking Action

26:21 Politics and Humor

32:01 Return to normal?

37:27 Wrap up/ Plugs


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