Ep 233 | Move Over Adam Sandler, There Is A New Jewish Holiday Rock Star This Year

With the holidays fast approaching, the sounds of holiday music will soon fill your ears. Of course, if you are one of the millions celebrating Christmas, the number of holiday songs for you to carol along to seems endless. For those celebrating Hanukkah, the choices are a little slimmer. Our guest today is eager to contibute to the list of Jewish holidays songs. Lauren Mayer, creator of the education song series Cirriculumn Rocks, has her own holiday albumn, Latkuhss Schmatkuhss, which she is here to talk about, and also provide the Podcasts first ever live singing performance.  

But the Album: https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/laurenmayer1

Website: https://laurenmayer.com/

1:19 Getting Started
3:00 Background
4:39 Cabaret Gold Award
8:33 Latkes Schmatkes
14:59 Chanukkah Misconceptions
16:19 Live Shows
18:41 Buying the Album
19:17 Curriculum Rocks
26:09 Music in school curriculums
28:59 Recording the albums
31:09 Teaching songwriting
34:00 dear Future Parents
35:25 Looking ahead
36:21 Wrap up/ “9 Words” performance



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