Ep 237 | Finding Reality in Fantasy

This might shock you, but not everything you see in movies is real. There really is not a real life Infinity Gauntlet for you to snap your fingers with. But that doesn’t mean movies have no themes and lessons that actually translate to the real world. Our guest today is Philosophy Professor Wayne Yuen of Ohlone College in Fremont, who has written many books about the various ethical lessons presented in movies. Today we talk with Professor Yuen about how movies and tv shows can teach us ethical real world lessons and consequences.

Check out his works: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show...

1:14 What has your attention

7:55 Origin Story

12:29 Philosophy in Middle Schools

15:31 The Internet and Information

20:10 Memorizing Info vs Using Critical Thinking

22:40 Ethics Course 25:34 Movies in the Course

27:51 Love of Mobsters

33:22 Books and Essays- the Walking Dead

34:50 Rick and Morty Philosophy

40:44 Wrap Up


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