Ep 238 | Rock Steady Boxing Teaming up with The Bar Athletics to Fight Parkinson's Disease

One of the earlier episodes on this podcast was with Daniel Burkhart of Rock Steady Boxing in Albany and how he was working with those struggling with Parkinsons Disease to fight back by using boxing. Daniel comes back on the podcast today, this time with Kim Staggs from the Bar Athletics gym in Hercules, CA, to discuss the new and upcoming additions to Rock Steady Boxing Greater Bay Area.

Rock Steady Boxing: https://www.rocksteadyboxing.org/

Bar Athletics: https://www.thebarathletics.club/

PD Active: https://pdactive.wordpress.com/

1:07 Start

2:06 What Has Your Attention

3:06 Rock Steady Boxing Video

6:17 About Rock Steady

8:45 Bringing Rock Steady to BAR Athletics

10:00 Force Intensive Exercises

12:47 Exercises

15:45 Gym Access

16:38 Classes

17:17 Becoming an Instructor

18:40 Outside Resources and Exercises

20:15 Clients Helped

23:45 Ultimate Goals Moving Forward

27:48 Wrap Up


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