Ep 240 | Invest Early, Save Late

For the most part, we all go to work to achieve the same end goal: to retire comfortably. But getting to that level requires more than just showing up for your 9 to 5 every day for 40 years. How can you go further in turning your valuable assets into sources of income to ensure you are ready for retirement? Our guests today are Matt and Samantha Sagers from Mass Mutual. Together, this sibling duo will breakdown some of the common mistakes when it comes to preparing for retirement, as well as explain ways to turn your assets into a future retirement nest.

Samantha: https://advisors.massmutual.com/saman... 925-979-2353

Matthew: https://advisors.massmutual.com/matth... 925-979-2364

00:42 Getting Started

3:10 Origin Story

8:05 10 Retirement and Financial Mistakes

10:42 Defining Retirement

11:20 Setting Financial Goals

14:18 Younger People Saving

17:08 Credit Management

21:16 How Young People Can Build Credit

22:58 Investing Early

28:15 Tax Benefits and Saving for Retirement

32:26 Allocating Assets

34:20 Planning for the Unexpected

39:09 Employee Benefit Plans

44:26 Sustaining Assets

47:23 Putting Together a Full Plan

49:08 Wrap Up/ Contact Info


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