EP 242 | Rise of Burress

On a clear night, when looking up at the stars, it is hard not to be amazed at the vast universe that exists around us, and how small we are comparative to everything around us. Every now and then, it is important to reflect on the sheer magnitude of what goes on beyond our planets atmosphere, and remember that we are just a pale blue dot in the infinite expanse of space. Today we welcome back friend of the podcast Ben Burress, astronomer at Chabot Space and Science Center in Oakland. Ben will break down for us the latest goings on in space, as well as discuss some of the great and vast wonders of the universe.

 Past Episodes:

034 | https://bit.ly/371kNcX

194 | https://bit.ly/3bgJDJp

1:41 Getting Started

2:40 Top Moments in Space Exploration the last decade

6:34 What we can learn from Black Holes

8:17 Messier Galaxies

12:25 Missions in the next 10 years

14:27 Radiation on Mars

21:03 Marsquakes

24:39 Inside Jupiter

26:56 Titan- Saturns Moon

30:56 Beyond the Universe

43:46 Upcoming Chabot Space and Science Center Events

48:21 Wrap up


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