Ep 243 | Who Doesn't Love Kombucha?

You may have only recently noticed them on your local supermarket shelf, but Kombucha tea has been around for almost 2,000 years. Born out of Eastern Europe, today Kombucha offers a laundry list of holistic health benefits that has swept the nation. It has become so popular, the Golden State Warriors went as far as to install a Kombucha bar in Chase Center at the players request. Our guest today is Lila Volkas, who has successfully built herself a career in holistic nutrition. Lila hosts Kombucha workshops where she is able to share her knowledge and love of Kombucha with the community.

Website: https://www.lilavolkas.com/

About the Workshop: https://www.lilavolkas.com/kombucha-class.html

1:20 What Has Your Attention

3:12 Backstory

5:52 Why Kombucha?

6:54 Where Did It Come From

8:24 SCOBY and Brewing

9:44 Workshops

11:32 First Kombucha

12:09 Helth Benefits

16:41 Community Created

17:34 Holistic Nutrition

23:05 Running a Business

27:22 Wrap up/ Contact info


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