Ep 244 | Scoring on the Silver Screen

Music is the ultimate tone setter. Everyday, you use it to create a soundtrack to your life, from driving to work, relaxing at home, or working out at the gym. Just as music can create the atmosphere for your day, it also serves to create the atmosphere for films. Each movie you watch is scored by hardworking composers like todays guest, Jason Rivera. A veteran of many different projects big and small, Jason joins us today to share with us how the silver screen gets its musical touch. 


Website: http://www.jasonriveramusic.com/


1:16 Getting Started

3:00 Background

5:55 Writing Music

8:58 Music Scoring for Films

11:12 Musical Process

13:46 What Makes it Easy/ Hard to Score a Film

14:48 Best Scored Films

16:29 Teaching Classes

20:50 More Class Information

22:38 Ultimate Goal

24:05 Writing for an Orchestra

27:29 Wrap up



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