Ep. 246 | The Art of Storytelling

With the awards season having come to a close last week with the Oscars, it seems as good a time as any to talk about one of my favorite subjects: movies. The art of storytelling is not easy to master. There are many nuances to the craft that many are not aware of and are difficult to learn. Our guest today is Professor joseph McBride, who teaches the art of screenwriting as well as film history at San Francisco State University. Over his 40 plus year career, Professor McBride has written books about Steven Spielberg and Frank Capra, and worked alongside the legendary Orson Wells. Today, Professor McBride is on our podcast to share with us his journey and experiences in the film industry.


Books: https://amzn.to/3cdqDfi


1:32 Getting Started

6:57 Backstory

10:39 Other Side of the Wind

16:09 Rock n Roll High School & Other Writings

21:16 Screenwriting

28:178 Big Budgets in Movies

39:42 Comic Book Movies

43:20 Virtual Sets

46:48 Frank Capra

56:13 Other Books

57:47 Wrap Up


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