Ep 248 | An Aeroplane In the Sky

As the son of Roger Waters, who cofounded the band Pink Floyd, and a mother with a bigger record collection than his dad, it’s no surprise that Harry Waters became an accomplished musician. His childhood consisted of touring with his father, learning the piano, and you’ve probably heard his voice as a child in Pink Floyd’s song Goodbye Blue Sky. Today, along with sporting an incredibly long red beard, Harry has become an expert piano and Hammond Organ player, scores films, and performs with his band McNally Waters. He joins me on the podcast to discuss his unique upbringing with music and his techniques in scoring a film.


McNally Waters Band: https://www.mcnallywaters.com/

Personal Website: https://www.harrywaters.com/


Producers Note: The title is based on Harry’s line in “Goodbye Blue Sky.”


1:23 Getting Started

2:34 Coronavirus Impact on Freelancing

4:14 The Beard

6:04 Musical Background

10:21 Influence on Style Today

11:50 Instruments Played- Piano

13:11 Deciding to go Into Music

16:13Current Projects

18:49 Musical Process

22:12 Music Style Today

16:56 Performing Piano

31:41 Best Scored Films

38:06 Dream Project

39:30 Wrap Up



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