Real Realtors 008 | Felicia Mares, Abio Properties

Everybody starts somewhere. Our guest on Real Realtors today is Felicia Mares, a realtor at Abio Properties who only 4 months ago got her license to sell real estate. Today, we talk with Felicia about what those first few months are like, as well as share tips and insights to make those first few months just a little bit easier for new realtors.

Contact: 510-375-2344           Instagram: @felllly




Becoming a realtor

Started as a nanny
Always interested in open houses, hearing peoples stories and seeing different lifestyles
Taking classes: in-person vs. online
Licensing test/ studying


Getting leads
Finding ways to meet new people
Generating leads- Abio lead generation system


First closing
First clients
Researching neighborhoods


Being young a negative trait?
Past advice


Then vs. Now
Glen Gary Glen Ross
Self marketing
Social media: Snapchat vs. Instagram
Print ads

Future plans

Wrap/ contact info

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