Five Leadership Values

When it comes to recognizing the signs and values of a strong leader, whether in yourself or others, there are a number of key traits to look for. Being able to recognize these traits, will not only help you see what areas that you need to work on in order to improve your own leadership skills, but also assist you in finding other strong leaders to work with.

Here are five essential values of a strong leader.

The Ability to be Courageous

In order to lead an organization effectively takes a great deal of courage. It takes courage to ask for help; courage to trust others; to try new things; courage to make mistakes; courage to take risks; and courage to fully understand and accept that what works today may not work tomorrow. Leaders must work with others to create a lasting leadership legacy, based on courage that will touch peoples’ hearts.

Have True Integrity

A true leader cannot always tell people what they want to hear. Regardless of how difficult the situation, leaders will not be afraid to raise it with them through honesty and grace. In doing this effective leaders can challenge everyone to be different, drawing upon an individual’s strengths and character allowing them to stand out from the rest.

A Leader Must Have Passion

It is a leader’s passion to not only solve problems, but to help everyone create an organization to engage the heart, not just the mind. True leaders are passionate about the fact that one cannot have the latter without the former anyway! Leaders will help everyone they work with create the future that they want and build a life that exceeds one’s wildest dream.

A Leader Must Not Only be Trustworthy Themselves, But Trust Others Also

If there is not a genuine trust between all parties of an organization, leaders included, the organization will not go anywhere. An effective leader is not only trustworthy, but believes in and trusts others. Without that trust the organization will not be able to achieve anything of real lasting value together.

A Leader Must have an Appropriate Temperament

Temperament is the base upon which leaders create the values of their character and personality. A leader that is inconsistent with how they handle tough situations, or disappointments are leaders that cause worry and concern for many that they work with. A sincere leader can think through their options, and not only take into consideration what their heart is saying, but the potential positive and negative repercussions of their choices.  

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