Real Realtors 007 | Gary Torretta, Security Pacific Real Estate

For almost 30 years Gary has been amongst the top realtors here at Security Pacific. When I first got started in real estate, Gary served as my mentor, and today is still one of my closest friends. Today on Real Realtors, I picked his brain for some of his advice for new realtors, we discuss the fallout the Wine Country Fires could have on the housing market, and talk about some of the best food spots in Contra Costa County. Gary grew up here in Pinole, played quarterback at St. Mary’s College, and even spent time in the NFL with the L.A. Rams.

Wine Club:


Getting started

1986- was still coaching, teaching, just got done with football
1987- Met Tom Gozzano, his mentor, went into real estate full time

Growing up

Born and raised in Pinole
Family very involved in the community
Father ran a grocery store


Treat like family
Create bond/ relationship
Door knocking
Creating calendars for clients
Bus Bench ads

Tips for new realtors

Stay positive
Focus on current clients
Have a business plan that you follow

Sellers vs. Buyers

Working with both
Staying in contact


Virtual tours
Open houses
Keeping a presence in the community

Talk about the wine

The competitor
Sponsored by Gary Vanderchuck
European wines vs American wines

Nape Fire Fallout

Home loss
Effect on demand/ supply in the housing market
Insurance companies overwhelmed

Millenial Homebuyers

Average buyer in their 40’s
Home ownership in California dropping
Could drop below 50% by 2020-25
Millenials will come along

Talk about Pinole

Top restaurants/ bars
Central county


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