Highest and Best | Cynthia Peterson and Eva Elderts

The 2018 election is just a month away, and as you probably know, California’s Prop 10 is among the biggest issues on the ballot. Each day you’re probably seeing ads saying that Prop 10 won't solve the housing crisis, or Prop 10 will help out low-income families. So what will California look like after the Prop 10 vote? We ask Cynthia Peterson of Alain Pinel Realtors, and Eva Elderts of Duhdam Real Estate, to weigh in on the issue. We also dig more into the current Bay Area housing market, as well as discuss up and coming neighborhoods in the region.

Cynthia Peterson: 415-802-4000           Eva Edlerts: 925-726-9409

Email: cpeterson@apr.com                Email: eva@myrealtoreva.com

Website: http://cpeterson.apr.com    Website:http://www.myrealtoreva.com


2:01 Getting Started

4:14 Catching Up

9:16 Territory covered

10:48 Prop 10

25:50 Household incomes rising

27:40 Dealing with buyers and sellers and Prop 10

29:37 Interest rates

33:57 Housing slowdown

40:54 Up-and-coming areas

48:10 Wrap up/ Contact info



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