Highest and Best | EJ Paje and Everything to Know About Insurance

Insurance: The most important thing you buy with the hope that you never have to use it. Today on Highest and Best, we welcome back EJ Paje of Farmers Insurance to discuss various insurance and real estate matters impacting Bay Area residents today. This is a very good episode to listen to if you have any questions regarding your rental or home insurance policies. We also discuss the impact the Rent Relief Act might have, Governor Jerry Brown’s warning of an impending recession, and the recent passing to abolish the bail-bond industry in California.

Website: https://agents.farmers.com/ca/daly-city/ej-paje

Phone Number: 650-897-5540

1:58 Wedding DJ business

4:53 Getting Started

6:17 Commercial, Rental and Home Insurance

10:10 Landlords and Rental Insurance

12:40 Multiple people on a rental policy

14:48 Loss of use

16:04 Home Owners Insurance

20:20 Electric ride share scooters in the Bay Area

28:39 Rent Relief Act

36:32 Future Recession Worries

45:45 SB 10 Bail Bond Bill

53:51 Wrap up/ Contact info



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