Highest and Best | Felicia Mares & Marco Vaticano

“Millennials: Walking around as if they rent the place.” Perhaps no demographic in the Bay Area has felt the pain of the housing crunch worse than the millennials. With low income, paying off student loans and having to deal with rising rents, trying to start a life of your own can be incredibly difficult for millennials. Difficult, but not impossible. Our guests this week on Highest and Best, our guests are Felicia Mares of Abio Properties and Marco Vaticano of the Paragon Real Estate Group. Both are millennials who understand the challenges that those in their age group face trying to make a living here in the Bay Area, and today, will hope to provides tips and insight to help young renters and buyers to find a way to settle into their own home.

Felicia: http://abioproperties.com/agents/felicia-mares/

Marco: https://www.paragon-re.com/san-francisco-bay-area-real-estate-agents/596

2:07 Getting Started

4:54Marco getting into real estate

7:21 Catching up with Felicia

8:51 Challenges for Millennials in the Bay Area

12:26 Budgeting to save for a down payment

15:35 Checking and monitoring your credit

20:23 College tuition and students loans impact

22:17 Where to find housing deals

28:07 Costa-Hawkins

39:35 Breaking into real estate

47:26 Contact info/ wrap up



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