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A home is one of the most expensive and important investments you will make in life. So when buying, you will want to make sure that the home you are getting is up to code and be a warm, comfortable place to live in. Part of being a property manager involves making sure all the homes I manage are in tip-top shape and ready to house a new family. To do that I’ll utilize the services of Home Guard Incorporated. My guests today are Kimberlee Lizarraga and Dave Lovelace with HomeGuard. This episode of Highest and Best will seek to help you understand the differences in various inspections, why you might need one and what to expect from them.

Website: homeguard.com

 2:02 Getting Started

3:10 Getting into home inspections

8:00 Termite Reports

14:00 Prices

14:45 Home Inspections

18:49 Home Inspection Horror Stories

21:55 Sellers coverage

31:15 Section 1 and Section 2 reports

39:29 Maintenance tips for homeowners

41:41 Marine climates/ fog

44:22 Getting repairs done

47:28 Water feature security

52:49 Wrap up/Contact info



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