Highest and Best | Keith Robinson

The Bay Area, like any other metro area in America, is changing. Some of these changes impact who lives here, or how people go about their lives while they live here. Todays episode of Highest and Best focuses on some of these changes. We talk with Keith Robinson of NextHome Real Estate, which is utilizing new technologies and methods to help clients find their dream home. We also dig into changing demographics in the Bay Area, as well as how an expanded BART service could impact the Bay Area.


Moderating YPN Event

3:36 “So Busy” How to invest your time

6:56 What is productive?

10:04 “4-Hour Work Week” by Tim Ferriss

Automating Work

14:24 Using Google Suite to automate business

17:43 Amazon Key vs Electric Lock Box

20:21Amazons place in real estate

21:39 Zillow and Residential real estate

22:51 Zillow and Federal Trade Commission debate over MLS Data

Privatizing data

27:34 BART Expansion

30:34 Housing supply and demand

36:51 Residents resisting trade ups

38:30 What makes NextHome different?

43:36 Rise in real estate technology investment

46:41 Managing Agents

48:22 Motivating Agents

54:23 Biggest lessons from your career

59:52 Wrap Up



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