Highest and Best | Steve Peterson

Rarely does a week go by when the California Housing Crisis is not brought up. This week is more of the same, as once again, more and more news is coming out regarding Bay Area residents leaving the Bay Area, citing the high cost and lack of housing available. Today on Highest and Beat, we have Steve Peterson of Infinity Investments. For the past 10 years, Steve has been one of the more involved real estate professionals in the Bay Area market. We ask him why he thinks residents are being crunched out of the Bay Area, as well as what can be done to keep them from moving. We also discuss commercial real estate, as well as his involvement in the California Association Real Estate Brokers, which seeks to provide opportunities for minority brokers and home buyers.

Website: infinityinvestments.net    Phone: 510-879-7542

0:00 Getting Started

Getting into Real Estate
CCIM Involvement

8:29 Analyzing numbers in real estate

9:19 Mistakes made when purchasing commercial properties

Rent control markets

13:21 Feels like 2006 again

14:46 Down payments to purchase a building

20:21 African American community and home ownership

CAREB involvement

30:26 Developers

Building challenges in the Bay Area

32:28 Rents dropping in San Francisco and Oakland

34:26 Leaving the Bay Area

44:56Demand for industrial properties


49:33 Wrap up/ Contact info



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